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Ainame Sushi/Greenling Sushi

Sushi Photo

sushi photo ainame Greenling Nigiri Sushi/
Ainame Nigiri Sushi

Sushi Taste

White fish flesh has a taste of umami.
Umami and sour taste in the mouth will be fusion.

Sushi Price

Greenling nigiri sushi is expensive.

Best Season

Best season is from early summer to autumn.

Sushi Cuisine

Nigiri Sushi

Ainame Sushi is a rare cuisine. You will not eat sushi in Japanese restaurants.


Ainame Fish/Greenling Fish

Fish Name

Greenling/Rock trout/Ainame

Fish Photo

fish photo ainame

Fish Size

Greenling will grow to about 20 inches.

Fish Information

Greenling is inhabiting the shallow rocky coastal area of Japan.
Greenling is omnivorous.
In addition, greenling has a territory such as nocturnal reef area.
Greenling are easily fell freshness, fish sashimi if you are living is best.

Fish Price

Greenling is expensive.

Fish Dishes
in Japan

Grilled fish,
Fried fish,
Fish soup